Mixed Reality Living Spaces

In a possible future...

Urban development will force us to live in minuscule windowless apartments.

"Mixed Reality Living Spaces" is an imagination of how current and near-future technologies will help us cope with issues of space scarcity and confinement that will derive from this development.

“Mixed Reality Living Spaces” is an utopian solution for a dystopian scenario.

When the time comes that we have to live in 100 ft² (~9.3m²) apartments, our living spaces will have to shift according to our most current needs. Digital technologies will allow us to immerse in different spaces within the same environment, providing a relief from the sensation of confinement. Through digital augmentation, each person will live in a space that is presented in several different forms throughout a normal day: a bedroom, an office, a library, a dining room... and many more.

Part of our existence will extend into the digital world – our life will exist in a Mixed Reality.

Mixed Reality Living Spaces is a project by Bernardo Schorr.

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